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Scott Walker

the drift



Released: 9th Jul 2012


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beautiful vinyl reissue of walker's sprawling & ingenious piece, a dark & frightening operatic masterpiece.

from the 1st stirrings of 'cossacks are' to the final lingering echoes of 'a lover loves' this album instils a deep sense of fascination & even foreboding. the songs (if they can truly be called such) are blocks of sound, moving from edge-of-your-seat, hushed ambience to roaring dissonance at the drop of a word from walker's alternately frail & possessed baritone. truly groundbreaking & inspiring. "this record, like a painstakingly fine Ingmar Bergman film, moves slowly and deliberately, with an intense focus and refusal to turn away from disturbing "images"." 9/10 - pitchfork.

the drift