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geoff barrow & ben salisbury

Drokk' music inspired by mega-city one


CD (limited record store day edition)

Released: 21st Apr 2012


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Released: 26th Apr 2012


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portishead man & his composer buddy create a synth led electronic homage to judge dredd’s home city.

rather than intending to be the definitive sound of mega city one, drokk is barrow & salisbury’s personal, outsider’s’ interpretation. even though it is a soundtrack of sorts, they steer clear of the rich orchestration common to many contemporary film scores. even for electronica the music is often purposefully stark & spare, excepting a brief cameo from barrow’s other band beak>. “(they) have created something truly original in drokk… a soundscape of interlocking melodies & rhythms which are completely absorbing & hypnotic.” 4/5 – the skinny.

Drokk' music inspired by mega-city one


  1. lawmaster / pursuit
  2. helmet theme
  3. titan bound
  4. 301-305
  5. justice one
  6. scope the block
  7. exhale
  8. council of five
  9. puerto luminae
  10. miami lawgiver
  11. eagle
  12. clone gunman
  13. inhale
  14. iso hymn
  15. 2t (fru) t
  16. dome horizon
  17. the men who never learned
  18. end them
  19. helmet theme (reprise)