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death grips

the money store



Released: 23rd Apr 2012


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ltd lp

Released: 7th May 2012


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dark & aggressive experimental hip-hop from california sees stefan burnett’s unique rap style fused with overdriven, bass heavy beats.

outsider rap, where burnett’s angrily bleak social standpoint is matched to the disorientating & visceral production of andy morin & hella drummer zach hill. the hard hitting, ultra-compressed style of current american bass music is shifted to a de-digitized soap box for the high octane wordsmith, who is a vital sonic force even when the sawing, sub wobbles & oscillating waves of noisy riffs threaten to overwhelm. “the rupture of rhymes & rhythms on ‘the money shop’ offer a way out. physically, commercially, politically, it offers a threat to the system” – wire.                                               

the money store


  1. Get Got
  2. The Fever (Aye Aye)
  3. Lost Boys
  4. Blackjack
  5. Hustle Bones
  6. I've Seen Footage
  7. Double Helix
  8. System Blower
  9. The Cage
  10. Punk Weight
  11. Fuck That
  12. Bitch Please
  13. Hacker