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bella union


Released: 14th May 2012



Released: 21st May 2012


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refining their lightly propelled synth & guitar dynamic, they create more cocteaus-esque woozy spaciousness but balance the wonder with subtly excitable rhythms.

from the outset of this magnificent album, fans & newcomers will sink further & further into this deep & dream-filled journey. “feels very much like the score for an imaginary film--an avant-garde french film, to be precise, an extended nocturne encompassing romance & its aftermath, the inexorable passage of time, & the preciousness of the fleeting moment.” 4/5 – uncut. “it's difficult to think of it as anything other than its makers' best work so far.” – bbc.

derry recommends: "refines the sound of ‘teen dream’ with even more cocteau’s soundscapes - works just as well one track at a time or as a continuous piece".


  1. Myth
  2. Wild
  3. Lazuli
  4. Other People
  5. The Hours
  6. Troublemaker
  7. New Year
  8. Wishes
  9. On the Sea
  10. Irene