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The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap

Infectious Music

limited deluxe bookbound cd + 3 extra tracks

Released: 21st May 2012



Released: 21st May 2012


limited heavweight 2lp (coloured vinyl) + download

Released: 28th May 2012


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a catchy, epic & riveting exploration of modern songwriting, moving through wistful nostalgia, yearning & political angst.

this aussie band have wasted no time in winning hearts & minds in the uk, mainly due to the magnificent voice of dougy mandagi that guides these tracks to emotive perfection. aiming right at the anthemic stadium territory inhabited by coldplay & u2, the highlights include ‘need your love’, a more upbeat number, the rumination on last year’s riots ‘london’s burning’ & the huge hook of ‘dreams’. “a sound that creates common ground between early, unadorned coldplay & the skittery electronica of kid a-period radiohead” – guardian.

The Temper Trap


  1. Need Your Love
  2. London’s Burning
  3. Trembling Hands
  4. The Sea Is Calling
  5. Miracle
  6. This Isn't Happiness
  7. Where Do We Go From Here
  8. Never Again
  9. Dreams
  10. Rabbit Hole
  11. I'm Gonna Wait
  12. Leaving Heartbreak Hotel
  13. Want *
  14. The Trouble With Pain *
  15. Everybody Leaves In The End * * = Bonus tracks