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Released: 14th May 2012


limited 2cd (comes with bonus ep 'enstrobia')

Released: 14th May 2012


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deluxe boxset (2lp, booklet, 'enstrobia' cd + download)

Released: 14th May 2012


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warp veteran & bass supremo gets synth-glitch-tastic on this hugely enjoyable machine funk workout.

opening with ‘4001’ the pusher gets a little ibiza on us, as big, trance synths ride a-top his trademark intricate hyperspeed breakbeats. the result is squarepusher sounding more anthemic & euphoric than we’ve heard him before. there’s plenty more where that came from too, as the large, melodic hooks of ‘stadium ice’ prove. those after a moment of respite from the rave will enjoy the ominous float of ‘red in blue’ providing a brilliant mid-point to the album. “full of the brain-frying rhythmic trickery & wit he’s made his hallmark” – nme.




  1. 4001
  2. Unreal Square
  3. Stadium Ice
  4. Energy Wizard
  5. Red In Blue
  6. The Metallurgist
  7. Drax 2
  8. Dark Steering
  9. 303 Scopem Hard
  10. Ecstatic Shock

Enstrobia ep:

  1. Angel Integer
  2. Panic Massive
  3. 40.96a