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white fence

family perfume vol 2



Released: 10th May 2012


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lo-fi psych-garage explorer delivers the 2nd volume of his 4 track nuggets, a fine companion to his recent outing with ty segall on ‘hair’.

melting his paisley-tinged guitar meanderings with liberal use of effects & tape manipulations, tim presley has culled these tracks from an alleged 80 recorded over the course of a year. “finds melodic inspiration in classic rock, but blurs his reference points toward punk by coating the music in lo-fi grit… a home-recording primitivist of the bob pollard variety, presley, who works under the name white fence, shrouds his wiggly stoner gems in a curtain of tape hiss, distortion, & woozy effects.” - pitchfork

family perfume vol 2


  1. Groundskeeper Rag (Man’s Man)
  2. She Relief
  3. I’d Sing
  4. Real Smiles
  5. Lizards First
  6. It’s Confusing when you wake up
  7. Upstart Girls
  8. Stomach Sexes
  9. A Good Night
  10. Latchkeys
  11. Anna
  12. Be At Home
  13. Makers
  14. Tame
  15. King Of The Decade