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conrad schnitzler


bureau b


Released: 18th Jun 2012



Released: 25th Jun 2012


following on seamlessly from the 'rot' album, 'Blau' May well have been recorded in the same session.

Structure, sound & timbre of both LPs are so similar as to suggest that this was the case (an unverified assumption nevertheless!). Schnitzler included 2 brand new compositions on 'Blau' & the album proved Quite simply, that he had found his way, a course from which he would not stray as long as he lived. The so-called Berlin School (Berliner Schule) - with Konrad Schnitzler one of their number - had developed its own style of minimalist music. Clearly distinct from Anglo-American pop music, and no less removed from the minimalist art music of Steve Reich or Philip Glass, the focus here was on electronics & elementary rhythmics.



  1. Die Rebellen Haben Sich In Den Bergen Versteckt
  2. Jupiter
  3. Wild Space 1 (cd only Bonus Track)
  4. wild Space 2 (cd only Bonus Track)
  5. Wild Space 3 (cd only Bonus Track)
  6. Wild Space 4 (cd only Bonus Track)
  7. Wild Space 5 (cd only Bonus Track)
  8. Wild Space 6 (cd only Bonus Track)