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marconi union


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Few albums can lay claim to being scientifically proven to reduce stress levels but Marconi Union’s ‘Weightless’ has published research to back it up! Tur...
marconi union


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the manchester musicians bring back the beats to their pristine ambient-dream-doom-jazz-electronica.
marconi union


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refining their instrumental palette to its core elements, the trio have created an irresistible album of floating ambient textures.
marconi union


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In the realms of modern day late night ambient exploration Manchester's Marconi Union often draw comparisons with Brian Eno & Biosphere, perhaps Sigur R...
different colours
  1. First Light
  2. Alone Together
  3. Flying (In Crimson Skies)
  4. Always Numb
  5. Time Lapse
  6. On Reflection
  7. Broken Colours

marconi union

different colours

just music
  • cd

    Released: 18th Jun 2012


late night ambient exploration with streaks of black humour & pools of shimmering beauty revealed in their slow undulating groove, drawing comparison to eno, biosphere & sigur ros.

this is the manchester duo's 6th album & the 1st to prominently feature the work of pianist Duncan Meadows, who joined the group initially for live duties & was asked into the fold more permanently in 2010. their richly melodic compositions unfold gracefully with an emotionally evocative sound. Playful & brighter, 'Different Colours' is aptly named & finds Marconi Union shifting the focus from cool introspection to a friendlier, dynamic sound pierced in places by electric guitar & hushed vocals. "an irresistibly warm & seamless journey through post-rock & electronica’s dreamy hinterlands" 4/5 - the skinny.