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marconi union

different colours

just music


Released: 18th Jun 2012


late night ambient exploration with streaks of black humour & pools of shimmering beauty revealed in their slow undulating groove, drawing comparison to eno, biosphere & sigur ros.

this is the manchester duo's 6th album & the 1st to prominently feature the work of pianist Duncan Meadows, who joined the group initially for live duties & was asked into the fold more permanently in 2010. their richly melodic compositions unfold gracefully with an emotionally evocative sound. Playful & brighter, 'Different Colours' is aptly named & finds Marconi Union shifting the focus from cool introspection to a friendlier, dynamic sound pierced in places by electric guitar & hushed vocals. "an irresistibly warm & seamless journey through post-rock & electronica’s dreamy hinterlands" 4/5 - the skinny.

different colours


  1. First Light
  2. Alone Together
  3. Flying (In Crimson Skies)
  4. Always Numb
  5. Time Lapse
  6. On Reflection
  7. Broken Colours