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gary war

jared's lot

spectrum spools


Released: 13th Jul 2012



Released: 13th Jul 2012


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the melancholy voice of a man lost in the cosmos, swathed in clever pop structures & multi-layered tiers of sound & melody.

the hectic fidelity of gary war's previous recordings have morphed into a unique production style, rewarding with its rich tone & new styles of pop/rock structure. demonstrating masterful control of samplers & synthesisers, there is a great juxtaposition between tracks like 'superlifer' & 'pleading for annihilation', filled with powerful energy & packing such a wallop you won't be able to stand still & songs like 'advancements in disgust' & 'world after', experimenting with odd rhythms, sequencing & melody. a huge leap forward in both sound & vision.

daniel says: “brain melting sci-fried insanity, often sounding like several killer pop songs played backwards simultaneously. its disparate elements congeal together into something overwhelming, disorienting & totally amazing”.

jared's lot


  1. Thousand Yard Stare
  2. Advancements in Disgust
  3. Superlifer
  4. Find Our Way
  5. Pleading for Annihilation
  6. Care Less
  7. World After
  8. Muscle Dysmorphia