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Dennis Bovell

mek it run

pressure sounds


Released: 9th Jul 2012



Released: 9th Jul 2012

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16 new mixes of tracks originally recorded between 1978 & 1986, sourced from original masters & given the dub treatment by bovell himself.

dennis came up with the idea of returning to unfinished material, as down in his musical lock-up lay a stack of boxes containing old 2 inch multi-track analogue master tapes. utilising a range of analogue & digital outboard production gear (found at mad professor's studio), the album is a ferocious beast, exploring a wide range of dub styles, definitely geared towards the soundsystem culture bovell is deeply entwined in. features a couple of vocal guest appearances by one of jamaica’s greatest ever djs i roy.

mek it run


  1. Vargen (Dub for Basboosa)
  2. Mek It Run (Run Rasta Run)
  3. Princess Dub
  4. In Tha Mix
  5. Secret Service
  6. Dub d'Cap'n
  7. Floods of Tears
  8. Saxophonagravaparachuterreggae
  9. Afreecan - featuring I Roy
  10. Binghi Man
  11. Dub Code
  12. Regole Pas
  13. Burden - featuring I.Roy
  14. Cross to Bear
  15. Wallpaper eraser
  16. After the storm (Tahrir Rock)