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Jeremiah Jae

Raw Money Raps



Released: 23rd Jul 2012



Released: 30th Aug 2012


the most out-there hip-hop you will hear all year, deftly mixing the parts of dusty, raw vinyl loops dilla would've left behind with digital synths & his unique, diverse, smooth-toned flow.

a seismic collision of analogue & digital worlds, with deceptively hooky beats that double as sonic rabbit-holes, all of which cradle jae’s flow, a versatile instrument all of its own, skipping from rapid, focused deliveries to surprising melodic sing-a-longs, chopped-&-screwed slump & stream of consciousness brain floods. reworking some of 2011's 'rappayamatantra ep' but mainly comprised of brand new material, his unorthodox approach to hip-hop is addictive & ground breaking. highlights include the blunted, melancholy pop of 'seasons' & the shuffling rhythms & mean synthesised stutters of 'guns go off'.

jason says : “jeremiah jae channels the eccentricities of the left field of jazz masters and psych gurus to stunning effect on his first outing for brainfeeder. cosmic hip-hop of the highest order!!”

leo says: “dreamy & futuristic rap music, flitting between micro-cuts of soul, stuttering synths & rhythmic soundscapes in a thick, smoked out haze. at times it sounds like a lo-fi fly lo & others like the snippets of sound before & after what dilla took from a sample”

Raw Money Raps


  1. Man (Revolution Pt. 1)
  2. Guns Go Off
  3. Greetings ft. Tre
  4. Rover
  5. Leaders
  6. Ignorant Mask ft. K Embry
  7. Cat Fight
  8. Tourist
  9. Money And Food
  10. Wires
  11. Seasons
  12. False Eyes
  13. One Herb
  14. The Great Escape
  15. Raw Money(Passage)
  16. Money
  17. Guerilla (Evolution Pt. 1)
  18. Hercules Versus The Commune
  19. Cable