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the great escape (special edition)


heavyweight 180g 2lp

Released: 30th Jul 2012


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'The Great Escape' maintained the band’s stratospheric success of 'parklife' with their second successive No1 entry into the album charts, with the 1995 release going on to sell 3xplatinum.

Accompanying the remastered album, the bonus disc of the Special Edition crams in 18 tracks, including all the b-sides from all formats of the 'Country House', 'The Universal', 'Stereotypes' & 'Charmless Man' singles. Among these b-sides are nestled a duet version of 'To The End' between Damon & Francoise Hardy, the Live It! remix of 'Entertain Me' & 4 tracks taken from the now legendary 1995 Blur gig at Mile End Stadium. Completing the bonus disc are 2 live tracks from Blur’s show at the Budokan arena in Tokyo (both of which were only previously released on the Japanese-only single release of 'It Could Be You'), plus the instrumental 'Eine Kleine Lift Musik', which originally formed part of the 1995 'Help War Child' compilation.

the great escape (special edition)

1.     Stereotypes
2.     Country House
3.     Best Days
4.     Charmless Man
5.     Fade Away
6.     Top Man
7.     The Universal
8.     Mr Robinson's Quango
9.     He Thought of Cars
10.     It Could Be You
11.     Ernold Same
12.     Globe Alone
13.     Dan Abnormal
14.     Entertain Me
15.     Yoko and Hiro

bonus disc (2cd version only):
1.     One Born Every Minute
2.     To the End (La Comedie) (Feat. Francoise Hardy)
3.     Ultranol
4.     No Monsters in Me
5.     Entertain Me (Live It!) (Remix)
6.     The Man Who Left Himself
7.     Tame
8.     Ludwig
9.     The Horrors
10.     A Song
11.     St Louis
12.     Country House (Live at Mile End)
13.     Girls and Boys (Live at Mile End)
14.     Parklife (Live at Mile End)
15.     For Tomorrow (Live at Mile End)
16.     Charmless Man (Live At The Budokan)
17.     Chemical World (Live At The Budokan)
18.     Eine Kleine Lift Musik