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bill fay

life is people

Dead Oceans


Released: 20th Aug 2012


2LP + download

Released: 20th Aug 2012


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the cult legend returns with an incredible set of earnest & elegiac songs, led by his mournful piano & backed by washes of organ, light drumming & gorgeous guitar work.

with members of wilco on side, fay's new output recalls the crackled tones of dylan circa 'time out of mind'. in recent years the appreciation of fay's work in the late 60's & early 70's has moved from cult circles outwards, as his profoundly sincere lyrics addressing the environment, love & humanities fate resonate beyond their context. here we find fay alternating between tender balladry, impassioned rallying cries & deeply personal melancholy - Earnest & truly heartfelt songwriting.

life is people


  1. There Is A Valley
  2. Big Painter
  3. Never Ending Happening
  4. This World
  5. The Healing Day
  6. City of Dreams
  7. Be At Peace With Yourself
  8. Jesus, Etc.
  9. Empires
  10. Thank You Lord
  11. Cosmic Conerto
  12. The Coast No Man Can Tell