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Ill Manors



Released: 23rd Jul 2012


2cd deluxe version

Released: 23rd Jul 2012


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the rapper-cum-soul singer's master statement, accompanying the film of the same name, sets his post-riots social study to a soundtrack of bass-line soul & hip-hop.

after the politically scathing title track took a riot scarred & occupied london by storm, ben drew unveils the bigger picture with this song cycle set to the story of his acclaimed street musical. "set to dark, looming portents of organ, martial snares, edgily wistful guitar & skeletal piano figures, it's an unforgiving listen, which the presence of guest collaborators such as john cooper clarke, kano & labrinth does little to alleviate" 4/5 - independent.

Ill Manors


  1. ill Manors
  2. I Am The Narrator
  3. Drug Dealer (ft Takura Tendayi)
  4. Playing With Fire (ft Labrinth)
  5. Deepest Shame
  6. Pity The Plight
  7. Lost My Way
  8. The Runaway
  9. Great Day For A Murder
  10. Live Once (ft Kano)
  11. Falling Down

Bonus disc (deluxe only) of 'Ill Manors' film score

  1. Your mum's a prostitute
  2. A Mad Boy Y' Know
  3. Michelle
  4. Bullet In His Head
  5. Did You Just Call Me A Cunt?
  6. See
  7. It Didn't Kill Me Did It?
  8. Pity The Plight Score
  9. Hope In Hell
  10. Waiting For The Sun Score
  11. What's That? It's A Baby
  12. Rescue
  13. Pity The Fate Score
  14. Altered Score
  15. Ed Woz Ere
  16. I Have Always Loved You