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Graham Coxon

happiness in magazines

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Released: 6th Aug 2012


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re-issue of coxon's 2004 1st full-fledged pop album, including classic tracks, 'spectacular', 'bittersweet bundle of misery' & 'freakin' out'.

a wonderful fusion of ragged invention & sharp, tuneful songwriting. while the basic sound of the record isn't quite a surprise since coxon still plays the bulk of the instruments, it does sound like a homemade record but the songwriting recalls vintage blur. his emotions are pushed to the surface & they're married to catchy, memorable songs that are delivered in an immediate, imaginative fashion. the 1st solo album to present a complex, robust portrait of him as an artist.

happiness in magazines


  1. Spectacular
  2. No Good Time
  3. Girl Done Gone
  4. Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery
  5. All Over Me
  6. Freakin' Out
  7. People Of The Earth
  8. Hopeless Friend
  9. Are You Ready
  10. Bottom Bunk
  11. Don't Be A Stranger
  12. Ribbons And Leaves