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Graham Coxon

the sky is too high

EMI Catalogue


Released: 6th Aug 2012


re-issue of coxon's '98 solo debut, including classic tracks 'a day is far too long', 'r u lonely?' & 'hard & slow'.

most of the record is drum-less, consisting of oddly slanted constructions of electric & acoustic guitars in coxon's trademark style (quirky, sloppy riffs & arpeggios shooting all over the fret board). the real magic is the way this approach works so perfectly on strange minimal ballads like 'in a salty sea' & 'waiting". on the rare tracks where coxon switches to a driving, noisy full-band arrangement, things are equally slanted & interesting.

the sky is too high


  1. That's All I Wanna Do
  2. Where'd You Go?
  3. In a Salty Sea
  4. A Day Is Far Too Long
  5. R U Lonely?
  6. I Wish
  7. Hard And Slow
  8. Me You, We Two
  9. Waiting
  10. Who the Fuck?
  11. Mornin' Blues