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The Eccentronic Research Council

1612 Underture

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Released: 20th Aug 2012


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limited handmade LP

Released: 5th Sep 2012


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a strange concoction of spoken word & analogue sound that draws from popular culture to describe a hypothetical time barren of authority.

this is the collaborative reactions of Adrian Flannagan (Kings Have Long Arms), actress Maxine Peake (‘Shameless’ / ‘Silk’) and Dean Hohner (I Monster) - under the umbrella moniker The Eccentronic Research Council - take their collective experiences in theatre, music technology, television, pop cultural archiving and radio to reimagine a time and place where the unified working classes and alternative thinkers are mocked and persecuted at the hands of a flawed and paranoid government and monarchy. Stylistically, The ERC opt for a vast array of mechanical music machines and synthesised effects to create this conceptual nonpopulist pop remaining faithful to a pre-digital and unpredictable era taking cues from Mort Garson, Suzanne Ciani, Sorel Hayes, Joe Meek, Daphne Oram, JP Massiera and Delia Derbyshire amongst others.

1612 Underture


  1. Autobahn 666 (Travelogue #1)
  2. This Is The North (Travelogue #2)
  3. Wicked Sister Chant
  4. Her Kind (Anne Sexton Poem)
  5. Malkin Cat Trapped Behind A Wall
  6. Curious Morbids (Travelogue #3)
  7. 1612 Underture
  8. Trial By Jiggery Pokery
  9. From The Grave To The Freshcos Late (Travelogue #4)
  10. (I) Pendle Wind
  11. (II) No Hackney Cab To Gallows Hill
  12. (III) The Hangman's Song
  13. Device Kids Find A Box Of Chattox Melody
  14. Another Witch Is Dead (Trad.)
  15. Ouija Up A Witch
  16. Ghost Of Old Lizzy Southerns Returns