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Evan Caminiti

Dreamless Sleep

thrill jockey


Released: 20th Aug 2012


lp + download

Released: 20th Aug 2012


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half of the mighty drone legends Barn Own, Caminiti creates a lush & misty atmosphere with this collection of hazy, half-remembered sound portraits heard through a veil of static & hiss.

The dense tracks are a definite evolution in terms of Caminiti’s compositions, musically referencing devotional hymns, Berlin-school epics, & cinematic westerns. his barn owl colleague Jon porras has already delievered one of the best drone records of the year with 'black mesa', but caminiti has matched it with this remarkably engrossing & essential piece of majestically cinematic dreamscaping. seems like the two of them just don't know how to stop right now & it's all to our benefit.

Dreamless Sleep


  1. Leaving The Island
  2. Bright Midnight
  3. Symmetry
  4. Fading Dawn
  5. Absteigend
  6. Veiled Prayers
  7. Becoming Pure Light