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election special



Released: 20th Aug 2012


lp & cd

Released: 30th Aug 2012


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ry cooder returns with an album of political protest songs, an impassioned, immediate collection that turns a sharp eye on the upcoming american election.

all recorded live in a single take, the urgency & passion of cooder can not be mistaken, but these tracks never feel polemical or preachy. they are brilliant, sharply observational pieces that turn their wry gaze over all aspects of current politics in the usa. from the brilliantly titled 'mutt romney blues' (apparently mitt romney once drove around with his dog tied to the car roof) to the darker flip side of the coin provided by 'kool-aid', these stories of the powerful & the desperate are amongst some of cooder's best work. "ry cooder has never made an album as immediate as 'election special'... this politically charged song cycle is right in the sweet spot." 9/10 - uncut.

derry says : “the angriest, most direct, to the point album of cooder’s brilliant career. it’s also one of his very best.”

election special


  1. Mutt Romney Blues
  2. Brother Is Gone
  3. The Wall Street Part Of Town
  4. Guantanamo
  5. Cold Cold Feeling
  6. Going To Tampa
  7. Kool-Aid
  8. The 90 And The 9
  9. Take Your Hands Off It