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tender new signs



Released: 15th Oct 2012


LP + cd

Released: 15th Oct 2012


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swirling, sky-gazing pop songs built from stadium-sized guitars, surging with softly-lit, languid melodies, all anchored by Tamaryn’s intimate vocal delivery & unmistakable presence.

in partnership with her longtime collaborator & San Francisco native Rex John Shelverton, this new opus takes a bold step forward in structure & form. their minimal wall of sound is applied to more defined song structures, creating a sublimely drowsy, rich shoegaze concoction of mbv & mazzy star. with this layered & textured collision of hypnotic psychedelia & bittersweet narco-dream pop, Tamaryn & Rex have created a defining work.


tender new signs


  1. I'm Gone
  2. While You're Sleeping, I'm Dreaming
  3. Heavenly Bodies
  4. No Exits
  5. Prizma
  6. The Garden
  7. Transcendent Blue
  8. Afterlight
  9. Violet's In A Pool