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Raymond Byron and the White Freighter

Little Death Shaker

Asthmatic Kitty Records


Released: 3rd Sep 2012


lp + download

Released: 3rd Sep 2012


the new band from ray raposa of castanets is evocative of late nights & dusty parking lots, long drives & boozy hookups, featuring phosphorescents Matthew Houck.

the Castanets trademark - a wide lens look at deconstructed Americana - remains, but Raposa’s new stuff is getting closer & closer to pure roadhouse blues, This is the most lyric-heavy Raposa’s been and also the most playful & humorous, he's back from the battleground with stories to tell. from alt-country soul stirring reminiscent of phosphorescent, folk-country ballads with magical lyrical twists to eerie fragmentary blues & out & out dylanesque rockers. fantastic!


Little Death Shaker


  1. Allegiance
  2. Little Death Shaker
  3. Some of My Friends
  4. Turnpike / Bedsheet
  5. You’ll Never Surf Again
  6. Don’t That Lake Just Shine
  7. Whipporwill
  8. A Little More Credit
  9. Some Kind of Fool
  10. You’re Not Standing Like You Used To
  11. Stateline
  12. Meridian, MS
  13. Allegiance 2