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John Tejada

the predicting machine



Released: 8th Oct 2012


2lp + cd

Released: 17th Sep 2012


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an epic return from the techno architect, sending you on track-long journeys through wondrous, electronic landscapes with crisp beats & crystalline synths.

tejada covers a lot of ground on 'the predicting machine', the bleepy, bubbling opener 'orbiter' is a beautiful intro, setting up for excursions into kraut touched, modular melodies & lo-fi beats on 'glaringly happy', jacking main single 'stabilizer' & the trademark bounce & finely tuned melodic sensibilities of 'horizon to horizon' & 'a familiar mood'. before you know it the soothing synthscapes & half-time beats of 'when all around is madness' draw the process to a close.

the predicting machine


  1. Orbiter
  2. A Familiar Mood
  3. An Ounce Of Perception
  4. Winter Skies
  5. Radio Channel
  6. The Function And The Form
  7. Stabilizer
  8. Glaringly Happy
  9. Horizon To Horizon
  10. When All Around Is Madness