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Sic Alps

Sic Alps

Drag City


Released: 17th Sep 2012



Released: 17th Sep 2012


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the san fran garage fuzzers, who at various times count members of comets on fire & ty segall amongst their shaggy rank, return with their strongest yet, focused but with all the ramshackle charm.

compared to the 22 song opus that was their previous full length, this s/t (their 5th) is a lean, mean but lackadaisical machine. peppered with killer tunes, & some beautiful sporadic string arrangements too. lovely. "compellingly skewed mix of 60's beat, garage psych & country folk - viewed through a pavement/royal trux filter... grubby & textured, plaintive & minimal or playful & full on, sic alps always convince." 4/5 - uncut.


Sic Alps


  1. Glyphs
  2. God Bless Her, I Miss Her
  3. Lazee Son
  4. Polka Vat
  5. Wake Up, It’s Over II
  6. Drink Up!
  7. Thylacine Man
  8. Moviehead
  9. Rock Races
  10. See You On The Slopes