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Ricardo Villalobos

Dependent And Happy



Released: 24th Sep 2012


house & techno legend crafts an absorbing sonic adventure built around the formulas of minimal techno, using searching modular synth melodies & subtly textured beats.

this music will leave you swimming. his layered rhythms & gently repetitive melodic loops are as mesmerising as the finest minimalist music, leant that extra, dancefloor-friendly edge (admittedly a very strange, insular dancefloor) by his intuitive production talent. "melodies are elliptical, drum patterns shift underneath your feet...a nice middle ground between his fascination with hypnotic sound & music for those of us who don't have access to speakers you can fit your entire head into" 4/5 - resident advisor.

Dependent And Happy


  1. Mochnochich
  2. Timemorf
  3. Grumax
  4. Ferenc
  5. I‘m Counting
  6. Put Your Lips
  7. Samma
  8. Tu Actitud
  9. Zuipox
  10. Koito
  11. Die Schwarze Massai