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silver age



Released: 1st Oct 2012



Released: 1st Oct 2012

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a vibrant collection of hook-filled pop songs with powerful contemporary rock production, far more reminiscent of bob’s latter-day hüsker dü output.

an intense & concise 10 song blast, mould sounds liberated, eschewing any of the lingering sensitivity & fragility that echoed through parts of 2009's 'life & times'. here, there's nothing but finely sculpted muscle, with even the handful of slower cuts grinding with precise purpose. mostly, 'the silver age' bursts forth with relentless momentum, alternating between such nervy, coiled explosions of energy as 'the descent' & the classic power pop of 'round the city square'.

silver age


  1. Star Machine
  2. Silver Age
  3. The Descent
  4. Briefest Moment
  5. Steam of Hercules
  6. Fugue State
  7. Round the City Square
  8. Angels Rearrange
  9. Keep Believing
  10. First Time Joy