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Johnny Clarke

dread a dub



Released: 30th Jun 2017



Released: 30th Jun 2017


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this selection of cuts taken from a vocalist that ruled the jamaican dancehall scene from the mid-70s-80s, alongside the productions of bunny lee & the creative genius of king tubby, are a delightful find.

while bob marley was out conquering the world, dennis brown, gregory issacs & johnny clarke were winning the hearts of the jamaican people. his use of the ‘flying cymbal‘ sound took the island by storm & produced a run of hit singles few could match. his distinct style & popularity led super producers king tubby & bunny lee to strip back & dub a lot of his tracks, the best of which are compiled here.


dread a dub


  1. None Shall Escape The Dubment
  2. Moving Out Of Dubness
  3. Dread a Dub
  4. Rasta Dub
  5. African Dub
  6. Wanty Wanty Can’t Get Dub
  7. Satta Dub
  8. Roots Natty Dub
  9. Dunza Dub
  10. Legalise Dub
  11. Dreadlocks Dub
  12. Jah Jah In Dub
  13. Natty Want Dub
  14. Clean Hands Pure Dub
  15. Create Dub
  16. Collie Dub