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cut hands

black mamba

very friendly / susan lawly


Released: 22nd Oct 2012


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Africa's deadliest snake, 'Black Mamba', will seduce you with beauty & destroy you with venom.

after many long months of vaudou-fixated claustrophobia, 2011's mind-blowing debut 'Afro Noise I' GETS A Follow-UP. Cut Hands is back to take you on a further hot ecstatic descent into an aggressive, brooding & immaculate, polyrhythmic abandon. includes songs featured in 'Reincarnated' (documentary about Snoop Dogg in Jamaica). "the music is a hailstorm of trebly, metallic tones against the massive thud of a techno that takes its cues more in the rhythms & instrumentation of Africa than the dancefloors of Detroit or Berlin" - the quietus.

black mamba


  1. Witness The Spread Of The Dream
  2. Black Mamba
  3. Krokodilo
  4. Nzambi Ia Ngonde
  5. No Spare No Soul
  6. El Palo Mayombe
  7. Kongo
  8. Brown-Brown
  9. 54 Needles
  10. Nzambi Ia Muini
  11. Erzulie D'en Tort
  12. Nine-Night