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andy stott

luxury problems

modern love


Released: 29th Oct 2012


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Released: 5th Nov 2012


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stott's throbbing, desolate, muffled techno is now haunted by female vocals & the result sounds like burial & shed battling it out on a smoke-filled berlin dancefloor.

‘Numb’ introduces Alison Skidmore’s voice; layered & looped but essentially left bare & exposed, tumbling into a dense shuffle. ‘Lost & Found’ follows with a growling rave bassline & a disturbed vocal, impenetrable but full of funk. ‘Sleepless’ succumbs to Stott’s intense rhythmic shifts & ‘Hatch The Plan’ is a beautifully inverted pop song. ‘Expecting’ is a wrecked, deliriously knocked-out 4/4 shuffle deployed at halfspeed & ‘Luxury Problems’ offers up the album’s most quietly euphoric 5 minutes, whilst 'Leaving' is a beautiful arrangement of voice & synth. immense!

leo recommends : "blissed out vocals add a human warmth to stott’s starkly beautiful, minimal beats".

luxury problems


  1. Numb
  2. Lost And Found
  3. Sleepless
  4. Hatch the Plan
  5. Expecting
  6. Luxury Problems
  7. Up The Box
  8. Leavin