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the soft moon




Released: 31st Oct 2012


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Released: 31st Oct 2012


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a musical wasteland moving to a motorik tic, its edges made jagged in the image of early post-punk, swathed in the moody atmosphere of vintage darkwave.

oakland's luis vasquez goes for a more minimal feel on his 2nd album, an approach that allows all the elements in his music to stand out more clearly than ever before, whether it's the industrial edge to the drums on 'machines', 'remember the future's snarling synth workout, or the way 'want' races to a climax but cuts off before it can be reached. the driving bass lines & whispered chants on 'zeros' & 'insides' have a glowering catchiness that does their post-punk heritage proud.



  1. It Ends
  2. Machines
  3. Zeros
  4. Insides
  5. Remember the Future
  6. Crush
  7. Die Life
  8. Lost Years
  9. Want
  10. ƨbnƎ tI