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lonnie holley

just before music



Released: 5th Nov 2012


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Released: 28th Oct 2013


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Fans of gil scott heron & arthur russell take note - there is a new American original on the scene & Lonnie Holley’s exhilarating music is unlike anything we've heard in recent times.

lonnie holley has had a long, creative career working in various artistic mediums, but this album marks the first time he has entered a recording studio, as well as the first time the legendary dust to digital label has released 'new' music. his music is mostly improvised (recent live performances have included surprise jams with bradford cox of deerhunter & cole alexander of black lips) & completely revelatory, existing on some astral plane beyond the blues. equal parts gil scott heron's gravelly world worn tones, sun ra's saturnian investigations & arthur russell's experimentation circa world of echo, the layers of sound in Holley’s music are the result of decades of creativity, & it has completely blown us away.

just before music


  1. Looking for All (All Rendered Truth)
  2. Here I Stand Knocking at Your Door
  3. Mama’s Little Baby
  4. The End of the Film Era
  5. Fifth Child Burning
  6. Earthly Things
  7. Planet Earth and Otherwheres