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nova akropola

cherry red


Released: 5th Nov 2012


180g silver/grey lp

Released: 13th Jan 2015


this dark 1985 gem from the political leaning, eastern european industrial experimentalists becomes available once again.

‘nova akropola’ readily captures the band's stone-faced fascination with propaganda, fascism, & the implications of rallying & control, while the music was so perfectly on the money with stentorian rhythms, rough chants, & unnerving textures & samples that it almost beggars description. the title track is a perfect example, string-synths & horns slowly, creepily wafting up through the mix before a distorted, strangled voice starts howling over the slowest death-march beat around. also included is the bonus enhanced track of a four minute film about this acclaimed band.

nova akropola


  1. Vier Personen
  2. Nova Akropola
  3. Krvava Gruda Plodna Zemlja
  4. Vojna Poema
  5. Ti,Ki Izzivas (Outro)
  6. Die Liebe
  7. Drzava
  8. Vade Retro
  9. Panorama
  10. Decree
  11. Laibach Film