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Louisa Mark


Soul Jazz


Released: 5th Nov 2012


180g 2lp + download

Released: 5th Nov 2012


louisa ‘markswoman’ mark’s 1981 debut album was a landmark in the history of reggae music & british lovers rock, recorded with clem bushay & an all-star cast of jamaican musicians.

the young mark became an iconic figure for young british black female singers, paving the way for janet kay, carroll thompson & the many other young lovers rock singers who soon followed in her path. featuring the heptones, dave barker, owen gray, the in crowd & more, this seminal album is released in its original design & comes with 3 bonus tracks - 2 rare single-only dj cuts with mark (including the legendary trinity) & a superb rare dub.



  1. People In Love
  2. Moving Target
  3. 6 Sixth Street
  4. Baby Simone
  5. Even Though You’re Gone
  6. Funny Guys
  7. Keep It Like It Is
  8. Dance And Feel Free
  9. Reunited
  10. He Used To Be My Man
  11. Natty Go Deh Voluntarily (Jah Son)
  12. Step It Brother Clem (Trinity)
  13. Gone Out Louisa (Mark & Bushranger)