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to rococo rot

music is a hungry ghost


180g heavyweight lp + cd

Released: 26th Nov 2012

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available on vinyl again as a 180g pressing, with the original tracklisting & a CD of the album plus bonus tracks.

Though they quickly traded the warm electronic pop of 'The Amateur View' for a colder vision of primitivist synth pop & atmospheric noise, To Rococo Rot proved here that they're still at the top of their game artistically. they still occasionally reference some familiar forms - swirling ambient noise reminiscent of Oval as well as the angular, downtempo indie rock often found on Tortoise records - the trio (plus guest I-Sound) clearly have a knack for creating music that's understated yet deeply felt. 'First' frames a few beautiful, atmospheric chords around downtempo heart-monitor beats, while 'Pantone' transforms a series of compact disc errors into surprisingly lush trance-state ambience. Two of the highlights are 'From Dream to Daylight' & 'Along the Route', a pair of Tortoise-styled tracks featuring another guest, violinist Alexander Balanescu, merging contemporary classical into experimental techno.

music is a hungry ghost


  1. A Number Of Things
  2. For A Moment
  3. How We Never Went To Bed
  4. First
  5. From Dream To Daylight
  6. Your Secrets, A Few Words
  7. Along The Route
  8. Overhead
  9. Koku
  10. Pantone
  11. Mazda In The Mist
  12. She Tended To Forget
  13. The Trance Of Travel
  14. From Dream To Dusk (Mira Calix Remix) (bonus track on cd)
  15. Expo (bonus track on cd)
  16. Rebirth Of Spock (bonus track on cd)
  17. Stefan Funk (bonus track on cd)
  18. Craig Loop (bonus track on cd)
  19. Boss Groove (bonus track on cd)
  20. Attractor Extra (bonus track on cd)
  21. Dub Mix (bonus track on cd)
  22. Mars (bonus track on cd)
  23. Tone Song (bonus track on cd)