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hundred waters

hundred waters



Released: 26th Nov 2012


a gorgeous shape-shifting swirl of female vocals & electro-tweaked acoustic textures, with ambient atmospheres, techno-derived grooves, glitchy idm moves &  jazzy touches.

sonic experimentalist trayer tryon & co have created an electro-acoustic framework that's simultaneously labyrinthine & accessible. whether she's cooing over the stark piano lines of the closing cut 'gather', or swinging into the sultry electro-samba of 'me & anodyne', miglis is a quietly commanding, consistently appealing vocal presence. "bewitching digital folk" 8.1/10 - pitchfork, "This Florida five-piece's enchanting & intricate folktronica will appeal to fans of Four Tet & Fairport" - guardian.

hundred waters


  1. Sonnet
  2. Visitor
  3. Me & Anodyne
  4. Thistle
  5. Caverns
  6. ---------
  7. Boreal
  8. Wonderboom
  9. Theia
  10. Are/Or
  11. Gather