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Released: 4th Feb 2013


180g lp + download

Released: 5th Dec 2012


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14 slices of insanely catchy & tuneful punk rock - "there's beer, bongs, black flag & blues on the LA punks' party-starting debut".

listening to them, you can tell that the band did their homework on punk rock. any given song could include a germs influenced guitar solo, the catchy "ooo's" & "ah's" of the misfits & lyrics in the same family as black flag's ‘six pack’ & ‘tv party’. on the same token they can just as easily be compared to any of the bands they cover at their ever more legendary & frenetic live shows (blink 182, fear, ccr, warron zevon), yet it all comes across entirely their own: surfier, faster, more fuzzed out, more personal & a lot more drunk. "an electrifying, intensely fun album" 8/10 - nme.



  1. Cheap Beer
  2. Stoked and Broke
  3. White on White
  4. No Waves
  5. Whore
  6. Max Can't Surf
  7. Blackout Stout
  8. Wake Bake Skate
  9. Gimmie Something
  10. 5 to 9
  11. LDA
  12. Paycheck
  13. Wait for the Man
  14. Cocaine