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deux filles

silence & wisdom + double happiness



Released: 15th Jan 2013


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2 albums of ambient pop from '82 & '83, blending watery piano, ghostly vocals, sheets of synthesisers, heavily processed guitars & bare percussion.

simon fisher turner & colin lloyd tucker created the personas of 2 tragic french women, even appearing in gauzily-photographed drag on the album covers, creating a hum of fascination around their strange personas but not their sound world, an excellent example of post-eno, pre-orb ambient music. the few vocals, mostly by turner, are almost swallowed up by the music, not only to hide their essential non-female qualities, but also as a stylistic choice that fits the mysterious, hard-to-grasp nature of their sound. highly recommended.

silence & wisdom + double happiness


Silence & Wisdom (1982):

  1. The Letter
  2. L’intrigue
  3. Drinking at a Stream
  4. Oakwood Green
  5. Children of Clay
  6. Sur la Plage
  7. Her Master’s Voice
  8. The Draw In Room
  9. She Slides
  10. Fleur’s Dolls
  11. Mortuary
  12. The City Sleeps
  13. Birds
  14. Silence & Wisdom
  15. Festival

Double Happiness (1983):

  1. Air Tube
  2. Little Brown Jig
  3. Tongues
  4. Shalama
  5. The Sun On the Sea
  6. Interlude
  7. The Snow Falls and the Village is Overflowing With Children
  8. Our English Friends
  9. Piroette
  10. The Third Movement
  11. Play Room
  12. Starboard She Said
  13. Los Estrellas
  14. Albert the Mud Fish
  15. Who Art In Heaven
  16. Shackleford Breeze
  17. 2 Blind 2 See
  18. Zazinthos