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withered hand

heart heart ep


7" + download

Released: 24th Dec 2012


The first release from Fence Records’ Chart Ruse E.

P. series marks the first new music from Dan Willson in two years. Edinburgh’s Dan Willson, aka Withered Hand, is no stranger to Fence. Over the past few years he’s played every Fence live event under the sun – various Home Games, Away Game, Hallowe’en parties, HaarFest, Karail, HottLoggz … THE WORKS. Fence's very own King Creosote produced his EP You’re Not Alone back in 2009, a joint release on Fence and SL Records. The EP contained a version of his song ‘No Cigarettes’ which was cemented into all our hearts and minds with a seminal video by Forest Of Black. Withered Hand’s debut album Good News came out on SL that same year, and has seen Dan touring it around the UK, Europe and America. Now Dan has returned to the Collective with an EP of his strongest material to date. Three songs recorded as part of a session with singer-songwriter and all-round indie legend Darren Hayman (he of Hefner fame). Lead track, ‘Heart Heart’, is a rollicking pop-stomp, replete with shouty refrain, and a racing piano chime that will keep the ol’ ticker going. ‘My Struggle’ keeps the pace up, with a knee-raising bounce and surf-pop tilt reminiscent of early B-52’s. Flipping to the B-Side ‘Gethsemane’, WH turns the lights down low and gently sighs one of his most touching ballads. What a smooothie. Fellow Fence Collective member, Rozi Plain, coos and screams backing vocals on all three tracks to heart-heart-warming affect. Completing the Fence circle of love is King Creosote, who provides the all-important remix. His ‘Heart Rave Heart’ is a sinister cousin to the title track – just you wait for the drop! As with all our EP’s in the Chart Ruse series, the remix is available EXCLUSIVELY on the vinyl – there is no download for the remix.

heart heart ep


  1. Heart Heart
  2. My Struggle
  3. Gethsemane
  4. Heart Rave Heart (King Creosote remix)