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pearl mystic

Gringo Records

clear green + white splatter LP + download

Released: 2nd Mar 2018


an absolutely thunderous statement with a wild motorik & thick slabs of noise that threaten to spill over - the sheer sonic velocity & emotive intent of this leeds 5-piece has blown us away for a while, so the release of their debut album proper has got us all super-"psyched".

although Often bracketed among the like of wooden shjips & sun araw, like brighton's cold pumas, hookworms' use of repetition & reverb feels more cathartic, with each fresh revolution of the loop a confrontation between the band & themes of depression, loss & anger. both Live & on record, like Spaceman 3, they pointedly subvert the tripped out sound environments of psychedelia with a darkly malevolent punk menace; unlike J.Spaceman et al, there’s no chemical assistance, these concepts & feelings come with clarity & hit all the harder for it.

matt recommends : "the leeds crew deliver their anticipated debut lp & it doesn't dissapoint. A glorious display of motorik groove punk assault."


pearl mystic


  1. Away / Towards
  2. Form And Function
  3. i
  4. In Our Time
  5. Since We Had Changed
  6. Preservation
  7. ii
  8. What We Talk About
  9. iii