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girls names

the new life

tough love

cd + bonus disc

Released: 14th Feb 2013


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lp + download

Released: 14th Feb 2013


the Belfast-based shadowy post-punk band's expansion to a 4-piece means the garage-clatter of the spritely pop songs of their debut have been replaced by a deeper, shadowy exercise in catharsis, driven by repetition, psychedelia & Dionysian crisis.

Weighed heavy with the grey landscapes of their hometown, The New Life is isolation laid bare, shot through with an undeterred sense of purpose & individuality. The album’s title track is an ideal entry point - Just shy of 8 minutes long, it rotates around a hypnotic bass line. alternatively, ‘Hypnotic Regression’ reflects another side to the record - The reverb-heavy guitars & compelling melody are immediately memorable but there are signs of experimentation, too; the white squall of the lead break; the uneasiness in the vocal echoes that furnish the verses.

the new life


  1. Portrait
  2. Pittura Infamante
  3. Drawing Lines
  4. Hypnotic Regression
  5. Occultation
  6. A Second Skin
  7. The Olympia
  8. Notion
  9. Projektion
  10. The New Life