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The Leisure Society

alone aboard the ark

Full Time Hobby


Released: 1st Apr 2013


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Released: 1st Apr 2013


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expanding their arcadian, Baroque pop sound with a more diverse array of sounds & inventive orchestration, the band's 3rd album is another magical affair.

It was recorded at the North London Konk Studios of Kinks frontman Ray Davies - a long-time Leisure Society fan who also featured the band as part of his curation of last year's Meltdown Festival on the South Bank. Lyrically, 'Alone Aboard The Ark' is an album informed by a palette as eclectic as it's musical flesh. recorded on a 2“ tape machine & a 1970's mixing desk, the value of recording live, coupled with the band's minimal approach to arrangement, is borne out across this wonderful album. "this bundle of melancholic joy marks another successful milestone for the band" 7.5/10 - lineofbestfit.


alone aboard the ark


  1. Another Sunday Psalm
  2. A Softer Voice Takes Longer Hearing
  3. Fight For Everyone
  4. Tearing The Arches Down
  5. The Sober Scent Of Paper
  6. All I Have Seen
  7. Everyone Understands
  8. Life Is A Cabriolet
  9. One Man And His Fug
  10. Forever Shall We Wait
  11. We Go Together
  12. The Last In A Long Line

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    Leisure Society Demos 2012

    Side A
    A Softer Voice Takes Longer Hearing
    Another Sunday Psalm
    Tearing the Arches Down

    Side B
    Everyone Understands
    The Sober Scent of Paper
    The Last in a Long Line