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The Bronx (IV)



Released: 4th Feb 2013


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Coloured LP + Download

Released: 14th Mar 2013


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rocking out to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they come kicking down the walls with a swaggering, energetic punk assault.

their 1st (non-mariachi) album for 5 years, it's refreshing to hear they still kick ass as much as ever when reequipped with their speaker shredding distortion, impassioned vocals & crashing, storming drums. with these tools the l.a. outfit continue to prove themselves one of the most pummelling but tuneful bands of their milieu. “brilliantly sleazy punk rock’n’ it loud; for 33 thrilling minutes it’ll make you feel like you can walk through walls” - nme.

The Bronx (IV)


  1. The Unholy Hand
  2. Along For The Ride
  3. Style Over Everything
  4. Youth Wasted
  5. Too Many Devils
  6. Pilot Light
  7. Torches
  8. Under The Rabbit
  9. Ribcage
  10. Valley Heat
  11. Life Less Ordinary
  12. Last Revelation