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selected pieces 1990 to 2011

mule musiq


Released: 18th Feb 2013


lp + cd

Released: 18th Feb 2013


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11 unreleased pearls of electronic deepness produced between 1990 & 2001.

his famous ultra-sweet piano melodies can be heard – but they are not the centre of the productions. instead a more electronic side of his genius calls the tune. with a minimalistic approach he lets synth melodies soar while droning, melancholy atmospheres swell in the background. occasionally even slow moving grooves hex the senses & his tracks get percussive in a more avant-garde way. all his11 arrangements are poetic & work like surreal sound fairy tales that leave space for the imagination to embellish. melodies are created in balance & drift with no end or beginning in a cloud of synthetic sounds that sound so modern it's hard to believe that their creator is already 78 years old.

selected pieces 1990 to 2011


  1. Per Se
  2. Out Of The Dark
  3. Vienna 2020
  4. Colours
  5. By The Way
  6. Endless
  7. Once Upon
  8. Quasi
  9. Frolic At Six
  10. Ultimate Feeling
  11. As Simple As