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180g White LP (pre-order)

Expected Release: 10th Sep 2021


a sonic splash of colour reflecting eclectic influences ranging from Bert Jansch & Burning Spear to Bacharach & David.

the band's landmark 10th studio album is a collection of 14 new songs & was recorded over 5 weeks at Vada Studios in Warwickshire with produer Matt Terry. The album is a representation of all that is great about British rock; anthems, heartfelt ballads & weird, left-of-middle psychedelic wig-outs. Quite simply, 'Painting' is another great record from British pop’s most under-rated storytellers.



  1. We Don’t Look In The Mirror
  2. Painting
  3. Goodbye Old Town
  4. Doodle Book
  5. If God Made Everyone
  6. Weekend
  7. Professor Perplexity
  8. George’s Tower
  9. I Don’t Want To Leave England
  10. The Winning Side
  11. Mistaken Identity
  12. The Union
  13. The New Torch Song
  14. Here Comes The Dawning Day