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Heavy Feet

Infectious Music


Released: 25th Feb 2013


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haunting harmonies bolstered by pulsing drums & intricate, melodic guitars from the la-based quartet.

"emotional upheaval lends the album a strange sort of nervous energy, as if each song starts like a coiled spring which is suddenly unwound via moments of pure release. Nowhere is that better reflected than in new single 'Heavy Feet', which trundles along over rumbling bass & frenetic drums during the verses, only to soar skywards for the gigantic chorus that hinges on the redemptive, "after everything". The sadness at the core of the song, however, is reflected in this new remix by fryars, which rebuilds the song as a slightly unhinged electronic ballad; all slightly out of sync drum claps, gorgeous bursts of sun bright electronic textures & a distant thrum that pierces through it all like an unshakeable sadness" - guardian.

Heavy Feet


  1. Heavy Feet
  2. Heavy Feet (Fryars Remix)
  3. Breakers (Superhumanoids Remix)