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island presents rock steady



Released: 25th Feb 2013


During the long, hot summer of 1966, Jamaica’s national sound underwent a dramatic transformation.

The Ska rhythm that had dominated the island’s music scene since its independence in 1962 slowed significantly, so providing dancers with the opportunity to enjoy themselves without suffering heat exhaustion. Early in 1967, this new, more measured style acquired a name of its own, Rock Steady, & for the next 2 years, the style remained the prevailing sound in Jamaica, with many of the most popular recordings in the genre released in the UK on Chris Blackwell’s famed Island Records imprint. By the close of 1968, Rock Steady had been supplanted by Reggae & Blackwell was involved with a new Jamaican music company, Trojan Records, but before these momentous events, Island Records was at the forefront of the sound in the UK, as reflected in the music on this essential 40 track 2 disc collection.

island presents rock steady


  1. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes On A Saturday Night
  2. Hopeton Lewis Rock Steady
  3. The Tartans Dance All Night
  4. The Treasure Isle Boys Judge Sympathy
  5. The Uniques People Rocksteady
  6. Phyllis Dillon A Thing Of The Past
  7. The Jets, Lyn Taitt I Don't Want To See You Cry
  8. The Uniques Gypsy Woman
  9. Keith & Tex Tonight
  10. Derrick Harriott Solomo
  11. Derrick Morgan Conquering Ruler
  12. Lloyd & Devon Red Bum Ball
  13. The Viceroys Lip And Tongue
  14. Glen Adams Hold Down Miss Winey
  15. Keith & Tex Leaving On That Train
  16. Derrick Morgan Gimme Back
  17. Consomates Do It Now
  18. Pat Kelly Somebody's Baby
  19. Slim Smith, The Uniques The Beatitude (Blessed Are The Meek)
  20. Delroy Wilson Once Upon A Time