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Released: 11th Mar 2013


continuing to produce techno without the technology, this 'emotional body music' uses acoustic instruments in preference to synthesisers & computers.

taking a darker & rougher direction than 2011's 'mr machine', there is a firmer grasp of songcraft on this album, the pieces having definite direction rather than slowly evolving & emerging like their earlier work. 'broken pieces' is 1 of 2 jamie lidell collaborations on the album, its rattling, shuffling percussion leading a steady groove as syncopated, off kilter shots of melody pulse over the top. om'mas keith crops up on 'plastic like your mother', a low key, very rhythmic affair, his vocals sending rich melodies ringing out over the percussive backdrop. other guest vocalists include einsturzende neubauten's gudrun gut, erika janunger & nina kraviz.



  1. Miami Theme Feat. Erika Janunger
  2. Ocean Drive (Schamane)
  3. Plastic Like Your Mother Feat. Om'mas Keith
  4. Skiffle It Up
  5. Broken Pieces Feat. Jamie Lidell
  6. Miami Drift
  7. Verwahrlosung Feat. Nina Kraviz
  8. Empty Words Feat. Jamie Lidell
  9. Fantasie Mädchen Feat. Gudrun Gut
  10. Miami Titles