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olafur arnalds

for now I am winter



Released: 4th Mar 2013


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Released: 4th Mar 2013


incorporating a full orchestra into his glacially beautiful minimalist sounds, these compositions are epic, forceful & delicate in equal measures.

co-arranged by nico muhly & featuring agent fresco lead singer arnór dan on selected tracks, these artistic choices open up arnalds' distinctive sound remarkably. steeped in the ethereal atmosphere & drawn out melody favoured by many of his icelandic contemporaries, arnalds augments this winning formula with flashes of warp-style beats, drawn out moments of meditative piano & hushed, heart-breaking vocals, that in conjunction with his sophisticated melodic approach bring to mind an orchestral re-interpretation of radiohead's 'kid a'/'amnesiac' sound. however what remains most impressive is his ability to forge an album that flits between ambience & fleshed out songs with cohesion & overarching direction.

for now I am winter