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Released: 11th Mar 2013


deluxe lp + cd + poster + 7" with 2 bonus tracks

Released: 22nd Apr 2013


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wow! what a comeback! taking us on a nu-folk, country-soul, multi-lingual trip around the sounds of the globe, this is a record that recalls everyone from beck & matthew e white to caetano veloso.

this astonishingly beautiful, viscous, warm, gainsbourg-tinged 8th studio album proves that the eccentric hippie has much more to offer. working with his long-time bandmate, guitarist Noah Georgeson & He & Georgeson played most of the instruments themselves, using borrowed equipment & recording gear they found in a pawn shop. highly recommended. "close your eyes & imagine watching a busker in a foreign city at night, all haunting instrumentals, moody tones & fragile, sweet vocals & you might be able to approximate what Banhart’s up to here" - pretty much amazing, "Banhart’s singing has never been better, the lo-fi production suits his music & he seems to have ditched a lot of the whimsy" - drowned in sound.

sophie recommends : "Banhart weaves tales and sweet melodies in a way that almost makes you feel you’re being sung a delightfully eccentric bedtime story. Oddly amusing and utterly likeable."





  1. Golden Girls
  2. Daniel
  3. Für Hildegard Von Bingen
  4. Never Seen Such Good Things
  5. Mi Negrita
  6. Your Fine Petting Duck
  7. The Ballad Of Keenan Milton
  8. A Gain
  9. Won’t You Come Over?
  10. Cristobal Risquez
  11. Hatchet Wound
  12. Mala
  13. Won’t You Come Home
  14. Taurobolium,