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spark seeker



Released: 11th Mar 2013


the 4th studio album from Matisyahu mixes ancient traditional sounds with futuristic electro beats; there is rapping & singing, songs of the spirit & songs of the body.

The world's first Hasidic reggae star has rid himself of his defining beard.....& most of his reggae beats too it seems, but this wouldn't sound out of place amongst most of the current top 40. “This album is about seeking that spark within” says Matisyahu (born Matthew Paul Miller) who spent a year recording with Koool Kojak (Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha) in la & then the pair went to Israel with an open slate. “We booked a studio there & invited various friends & musicians - including Zohar Fresco, Daniel Zamir, Ravid Kahalani & rapper Shyne - to come & simply play music”.


spark seeker


  1. Crossroads (ft J Ralph)
  2. Sunshine
  3. Searchin
  4. Buffalo Soldier (ft Shyne)
  5. Fire Of Freedom
  6. Bal Shem Tov
  7. I Believe In Love
  8. Breathe Easy
  9. Summer Wind
  10. Live Like A Warrior
  11. Tel Aviv’n
  12. King Crown Of Judah (ft Shyne & Ravid Kahalani)
  13. Shine On


  1. Crossroads (ft J Ralph)
  2. Live Like A Warrior
  3. Sunshine
  4. Searchin
  5. Bal Shem Tov
  6. I Believe In Love
  7. Silence